MMA World Heavyweight Rankings

Men’s Divisions
Heavyweight (265) – Light Heavyweight (205)Middleweight (185)Welterweight (170)Lightweight (155)Featherweight (145)Bantamweight (135)Flyweight (125)Pound-4-Pound

Women’s Divisions
W-Featherweight (145+)W-Bantamweight (135)W-Flyweight (125)W-Strawweight (115) – Pound-4-Pound

1Francis Ngannou17-3 (16)W-Cyril Gane (DEC)
W-Stipe Miocic (KO)
W-Jairzinho Rozenstruik (KO)
2Ciryl Gane11-1W-Tai Tuivasa (KO)
L-Francis Ngannou (DEC)
W-Derrick Lewis (TKO)
3Curtis Blaydes17-3 (12)W-Tom Aspinall (TKO)
W-Chris Daukaus (TKO)
W-Jairzinho Rozenstruik (DEC)
4Tai Tuivasa14-4L-Ciryl Gane (KO)
W-Derrick Lewis (KO)
W-Augusto Sakai (KO)
5Tom Aspinall12-3L-Curtis Blaydes (TKO)
W-Alexander Volkov (SUB)
W-Sergey Spivak (TKO)
6Alexander Volkov35-10 W-Jairzinho Rozenstruik (TKO)
L-Tom Aspinall (SUB)
W-Marcin Tybura (DEC)
7Ryan Bader30-7 (15)W-Cheick Kongo (DEC)
W-Valentin Moldavsky (DEC)
L-Corey Anderson (TKO)
8Sergey Pavlovich16-1 (13)W-Derrick Lewis (TKO)
W-Shamil Abdurakhimov (TKO)
W-Maurice Greene (TKO)
9Derrick Lewis26-10 (22)L-Sergey Pavlovich (TKO)
L-Tai Tuivasa (KO)
W-Chris Daukaus (KO)
10Jairzinho Rozenstruik12-4 (11)L-Alexander Volkov (TKO)
L-Curtis Blaydes (DEC)
W-Augusto Sakai (TKO)
Chris Daukaus
11Marcin Tybura23-7 (15)W-Alexander Romanov (DEC)
L-Alexander Volkov (DEC)
W-Walt Harris (TKO)
12Sergey Spivak15-3 W-Augusto Sakai (TKO)
W-Greg Hardy (TKO)
L-Tom Aspinall (TKO)
13Valentin Moldavsky11-2 (4)NC-Steve Mowry (NC)
L-Ryan Bader (DEC)
W-Timothy Johnson (DEC)
14Linton Vassell22-8 (17)W-Timothy Johnson (TKO)
W-Tyrell Fortune (DEC)
W-Ronny Markes (TKO)
15Fedor Emelianenko40-6 (31)W-Timothy Johnson (KO)
W-Quinton Jackson (TKO)
L-Ryan Bader (TKO)
16Timothy Johnson15-9 (11)L-Linton Vassell (TKO)
L-Fedor Emelianenko (KO)
L-Valentin Moldavsky (DEC)
17Cheick Kongo31-12-2 (19)L-Ryan Bader (DEC)
W-Sergei Kharitonov (SUB)
L-Timothy Johnson (DEC)
18Vitaly Minakov22-2 (20)L-Said Sowma (TKO)
W-Timothy Johnson (KO)
L-Cheick Kongo (DEC)
19Augusto Sakai15-5-1 (11)L-Sergey Spivak (TKO)
L-Tai Tuivasa (KO)
L-Jairzinho Rozenstruik (TKO)
20Blagoi Ivanov19-4 (12)W-Marcos Lima (DEC)
L-Augusto Sakai (DEC)
L-Derrick Lewis (DEC)
21Chris Daukaus12-5L-Curtis Blaydes (TKO)
L-Derrick Lewis (KO)
W-Shamil Abdurakhimov (TKO)
Jairzinho Rozenstruik
22Andrei Arlovski34-21 (20)W-Jake Collier (DEC)
W-Jared Vanderaa (DEC)
W-Carlos Felipe (DEC)
Marcos Lima
23Alexey Oliynyk60-16-1 (55)W-Jared Vanderaa (SUB)
L-Sergey Spivak (DEC)
L-Chris Daukaus (TKO)
24Alexander Romanov16-1L-Marcin Tybura (DEC)
W-Chase Sherman (SUB)
W-Jared Vanderaa (TKO)
25Junior dos SantosFree Agent21-10 (16)L-Yorgan de Castro (TKO)
L-Cyril Gane (TKO)
L-Jairzinho Rozenstruik (TKO)
26Sergei Kharitonov32-8 (31)W-Tyrone Spong (TKO)
W-Fabio Maldonado (TKO)
L-Cheick Kongo (SUB)
27Marcos Lima19-8-1 (16)L-Blagoi Ivanov (DEC)
W-Ben Rothwell (TKO)
W-Maurice Greene (DEC)
Andrei Arlovski
28Tyrell Fortune12-2W-Rakim Cleveland (TKO)
L-Linton Vassell (DEC)
W-Matt Mitrione (TKO)
29Ben RothwellFree Agent39-14 (35)L-Marcos Lima (TKO)
W-Chris Barnett (SUB)
L-Marcin Tybura (DEC)
30Jailton Almeida17-2W-Anton Turkalj (SUB)
W-Parker Porter (SUB)
W-Danilo Marques (TKO)
31Philip De FriesKSW21-6 (17)W-Darko Stosic (TKO)
W-Tomasz Narkun (TKO)
W-Michal Kita (TKO)
Ricardo Prasel
32Rodrigo Nascimento10-1W-Tanner Boser (DEC)
W-Alan Baudot (TKO)
L-Chris Daukaus (KO)
33Salimgerey RasulovACA23-7W-Tony Johnson (TKO)
W-Dmitry Poberezhets (DEC)
W-Denise Smoldarev (TKO)
Alikhan Vakhaev
34Shamil Abdurakhimov20-7 (13)L-Sergei Pavlovich (TKO)
L-Chris Daukaus (TKO)
L-Curtis Blaydes (TKO)
35Tony JohnsonACA16-6-1L-Salimgerey Rasulov (TKO)
W-Mukhomad Vakhaev (TKO)
W-Dmitry Poberezhets (TKO)
Evgeniy Goncharov
36Mukhomad VakhaevACA10-5-1 (9)L-Tony Johnson (TKO)
W-Raphael Pessoa (KO)
W-Evgeny Goncharov (SUB)
Denis Smoldarev
37Evgeniy GoncharovACA16-3W-Daniel Omielanczuk (DEC)
W-Anton Vyazigin (DEC)
L-Mukhomad Vakhaev (SUB)
Tony Johnson
38Tanner Boser20-9-1L-Rodrigo Nascimento (DEC)
W-Ovince St.Preux (KO)
L-Ilir Latifi (DEC)
39Anatoliy Malykhin10-0W-Kirill Grishenko (KO)
W-Amir Aliakbari (KO)
W-Alexandre Machado (TKO)
Arjan Bhullar
40Greg HardyFree Agent7-5 (6)L-Sergey Spivak (TKO)
L-Tai Tuivasa (KO)
L-Marcin Tybura (TKO)
41Matheus Scheffel17-8W-Juan Adams (TKO)
W-Bruno Cappelozza (DEC)
L-Ante Delija (TKO)
Ante Delija
42Bruno Cappelozza15-6L-Matheus Scheffel (DEC)
W-Stuart Austin (TKO)
W-Ante Delija (DEC)
43Ante Delija22-5W-Renan Ferreira (TKO)
W-Shelton Graves (DEC)
W-Mattheus Scheffel (TKO)
Matheus Scheffel
44Denis Goltsov29-7 (23)W-Maurice Greene (DEC)
W-Cody Goodale (TKO)
L-Ante Delija (DEC)
45Steve Mowry10-0NC-Valentin Moldavsky (NC)
W-Rakim Cleveland (SUB)
W-Shaun Asher (TKO)
46Klidson Abreu15-5 L-Jamahal Hill (TKO)
L-Shamil Gamzatov (DEC)
W-Sam Alvey (DEC)
47Renan Ferreira9-3L-Klidson Abreu (DEC)
W-Jamelle Jones (KO)
W-Stuart Austin (KO)
48Sergey BilostenniyFree Agent10-2W-Fernando Rodrigues (DEC)
W-Caio Alencar (TKO)
W-Roggers Souza (KO)
49Marcelo Golm10-3W-Davion Franklin (SUB)
W-Billy Swanson (TKO)
W-Brandon Hebert (SUB)
50Davion Franklin5-1L-Marcelo Golm (DEC)
W-Said Sowma (DEC)
W-Everett Cummings (TKO)
Ineligible for Rankings
* Suspension
* Inactivity>15 months
* Moving Divisions
Stipe Miocic20-4 (15)L-Francis Ngannou (KO)
W-Daniel Cormier (DEC)
W-Daniel Cormier (TKO)
Alistair OvereemFree Agent47-19 (42)L-Alexander Volkov (TKO)
W-Augusto Sakai (TKO)
W-Walt Harris (TKO)
Fabricio Werdum24-9-1 (18)NC-Renan Ferreira (NC)
W-Alexander Gustafsson (SUB)
L-Alexey Oliynyk (DEC)
Ali Isaev9-0 (4)W-Jared Rosholt (TKO)
W-Denis Goltsov (TKO)
W-Kelvin Tiller (DEC)
Walt Harris13-10 (13)L-Marcin Tybura (TKO)
L-Alexander Volkov (TKO)
L-Alistair Overeem (TKO)
Ilir Latifi15-8 (10)W-Tanner Boser (DEC)
L-Derrick Lewis (DEC)
L-Volkan Oezdemir (KO)
Justin Willis8-2 (4)L-Curtis Blaydes (DEC)
W-Mark Hunt (DEC)
W-Chase Sherman (DEC)
Arjan BhullarONE11-1W-Brandon Vera (TKO)
W-Mauro Cerilli (DEC)
W-Juan Adams (DEC)
Anatoliy Malykhin
MMA World Rankings FAQ    
MMA World Rankings are comprised of all fighters, regardless of promotion. These rankings are sometimes referred to as "Global Rankings" or "Overall Rankings." RankingMMA has been publishing MMA world rankings since 2006.

So, how do we compile our rankings? What separates us from other web sites that formulate rankings?

We are the only source that uses computerized analytics rankings system & actual fight footage to determine rankings similar. The reason we do this is to avoid ranking bias. By using analytics, fighters are scored no matter the promotion they are in. From there, tiers are created and fighters are ranked from within those tiers.

Here is the rankings criteria that encompasses a fighter ranking:
- Most recent performance
- Performance against top competition
- Estimated ability against future competition
- Strength of competition
- Activity in the last 3 years
- Last 5 fights

There are many fighters sporting undefeated records from developing fight scenes, especially abroad. Something we take into consideration is the strength of competition they have faced. If a fighter has compiled a bunch of wins against competition that is lackluster they will likely have a difficult time moving up in the rankings until they face stiffer competition in order for us to accurately predict how they would perform against exceedingly tougher competition.

If a fighter has fought elite competition and fallen short, we factor in how they performed. If a fighter fairs well against a higher-ranked adversary, they could still move up in the rankings.

Actual fight footage is reviewed, regardless of promotion in order to formulate these rankings.

= Fighter moves up in the rankings after recent fight
= Fighter moves down in the rankings after recent fight

Reasons a fighter is ineligible for Non-UFC Rankings (* = Not Ranked)
= Inactivity over 15 months
= Changing weight classes. A fighter must debut in their new weight class in order to officially be ranked there. Upon their debut, they will be removed from their former weight class. If the fighter temporarily competed outside of their division, they will be ranked in their primary division of choice.
= Suspension. Should a fighter be suspended for performance enhancing substances or fighter conduct, they will be removed from the rankings.

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  • Musa
    13 August 2020 at 1:46 PM
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    so Fedor with a 39-6 ranking that is like 9-2 against UFC Champions and In his last 5 fights has wins over Chael Sonnen, Frank Mir, and Rampage Jackson is the 27th ranked hw in all of MMA…?

    You guys have Overeem over him? Werdum??

    Yes Werdum subbed Fedor but in their fight Fedor dropped him and just got reckless attacking. You cant make mistakes against a Jiu Jitsu master of that caliber so Werdum got the sub…but If they were to fight again Fedor would be favored and rightly so…

    this is a terrible ranking…

    Fedor is top 5, no less than top 10 .

    • sugma
      18 August 2021 at 1:25 AM
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      You’re right the only fight Fedor didn’t do well in was the one against Bader but Bader has very good striking right now in bellator

  • Phox Debate
    25 February 2017 at 10:28 PM
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  • yer
    21 October 2014 at 9:12 AM
    Leave a Reply

    I would
    like to express my feelings on there being an open weight class in the UFC where
    you can weigh whatever you want. Fighters take so much energy to cut weight and
    end up not fighting at their optimum as a result, so why don’t we do away with
    weight classes? Now I know a lot of you are going to say that this would be
    unfair to smaller fighters, but isn’t the whole idea of martial arts to be able
    to defeat your opponent no matter how big they are? What the smaller fighters
    would lack in mass and strength, would make up for it with their speed and
    cardio, do you really think Bigfoot Silva is going to beat Anderson Silva
    because he is bigger? there is no way he is going to stop that level of
    technique. How many of you out there would love to see a UFC open weight class?
    And how many of you think there are UFC fighters in lower weight classes that
    would destroy fighters in higher weight classes if it was an open weight class?

    • David Levy
      5 March 2020 at 4:14 PM
      Leave a Reply

      Size isn’t everything in a fight – I don’t think anyone could or would seriously argue that. That being said the weight advantage is something that you do need to factor into things when organizing a fight. The additional strength and power that comes with an extra 5-10-15kg weight on one’s side is not a trivial matter. It is much easier for the bigger guy to resist submission attempts and weather a storm of fists/kicks.

      Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind seeing some open weight class fights – but not where there is a 20kg difference between the fighters.

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