Non-UFC Featherweight Rankings

Heavyweight (265)Light Heavyweight (205)Middleweight (185)Welterweight (170)Lightweight (155) – Featherweight (145) – Bantamweight (135)Flyweight (125)

#  FighterOVRORGLast 3 FightsNext Fight
2Patricio Freire33-5W-A.J. McKee (DEC)
L-A.J. McKee (SUB)
W-Emmanuel Sanchez (SUB)
1A.J. McKee18-1L-Patricio Freire (DEC)
W-Patricio Freire (SUB)
W-Darrion Caldwell (SUB)
3Movlid Khaibulaev19-0-1W-Chris Wade (DEC)
W-Brendan Loughnane (DEC)
W-Lance Palmer (DEC)
4Adam Borics18-1W-Mads Burnell (DEC)
W-Jeremy Kennedy (DEC)
W-Erick Sanchez (DEC)
5Chris Wade21-7W-Lance Palmer (DEC)
L-Movlid Khaybulaev (DEC)
W-Bubba Jenkins (DEC)
6Frodo Khasbulaev34-8ACAW-Ramazan Kishev (TKO)
W-Felipe Froes (SUB)
W-Levan Makashvili (DEC)
7Mads Burnell16-4L-Adam Borics (DEC)
W-Emmanuel Sanchez (DEC)
W-Saul Rogers (SUB)
8Jeremy Kennedy17-3W-Emmanuel Sanchez (DEC)
L-Adam Borics (DEC)
W-Matt Bessette (DEC)
9Felipe Froes21-5-1ACAW-Ramazan Kishev (DEC)
W-Nurbergen Sharipov (TKO)
L-Frodo Khasbulaev (SUB)
10Salman Zhamaldaev20-2ACAW-Diego Brandao (DEC)
W-Diego Brandao (DQ)
W-Alexey Polpudnikov (DEC)
11Bubba Jenkins17-5W-Kyle Bochniak (DEC)
L-Chris Wade (DEC)
W-Bobby Moffett (DEC)
12Lance Palmer22-6L-Chris Wade (DEC)
L-Movlid Khaybulaev (DEC)
L-Bubba Jenkins (DEC)
13Salahdine Parnasse17-1-1KSWW-Daniel Rutkowski (SUB)
W-Daniel Torres (DEC)
W-Filip Pejic (SUB)
14Brendan Loughnane22-4W-Ryoji Kudo (DEC)
L-Movlid Khaybulaev (DEC)
W-Tyler Diamond (DEC)
15Aaron Pico10-3W-Adli Edwards (TKO)
W-Justin Gonzales (DEC)
W-Aiden Lee (SUB)
Non-UFC Rankings FAQ    
Non-UFC Rankings are comprised of all fighters competing outside the UFC. Fighters featured are from any regional promotion such as Bellator, One FC, KSW, Cage Warriors, Jungle Fights, Legacy Fighting Alliance, Ring of Combat, Shooto, Road FC, Pancrase, PFL, Titan FC, etc. These rankings are sometimes referred to as "Global Rankings" or "Free Agent Rankings."

So, how do we compile our rankings? What separates us from other web sites that formulate rankings?

We are the only source that uses computerized analytics rankings system & actual fight footage to determine rankings similar. The reason we do this is to avoid ranking bias. By using analytics, fighters are scored no matter the promotion they are in. From there, tiers are created and fighters are ranked from within those tiers.

Here is the rankings criteria that encompasses a fighter ranking:
- Most recent performance
- Performance against top competition
- Estimated ability against future competition
- Strength of competition
- Activity in the last 3 years
- Last 5 fights

There are many fighters sporting undefeated records from developing fight scenes, especially abroad. Something we take into consideration is the strength of competition they have faced. If a fighter has compiled a bunch of wins against competition that is lackluster they will likely have a difficult time moving up in the rankings until they face stiffer competition in order for us to accurately predict how they would perform against exceedingly tougher competition.

If a fighter has fought elite competition and fallen short, we factor in how they performed. If a fighter fairs well against a higher-ranked adversary, they could still move up in the rankings.

Actual fight footage is reviewed, regardless of promotion in order to formulate these rankings.

= Fighter moves up in the rankings after recent fight
= Fighter moves down in the rankings after recent fight

Reasons a fighter is ineligible for Non-UFC Rankings (* = Not Ranked)
= Inactivity over 15 months
= Changing weight classes. A fighter must debut in their new weight class in order to officially be ranked there. Upon their debut, they will be removed from their former weight class. If the fighter temporarily competed outside of their division, they will be ranked in their primary division of choice.
= Suspension. Should a fighter be suspended for performance enhancing substances or fighter conduct, they will be removed from the rankings.
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