UFC Bantamweight Rankings

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Men’s Weight Classes
Flyweight (125) – Bantamweight (135) – Featherweight (145)Lightweight (155)Welterweight (170)Middleweight (185)Light Heavyweight (205)Heavyweight (265)
Women’s Weight Classes
Women’s Strawweight (115)Women’s Bantamweight (135)Women’s Featherweight (145)

#  FighterLast 3 FightsNext Fight
01Cody Garbrandt
11-0 (6-0 UFC)
W-Dominick Cruz (DEC)
W-Takeya Mizugaki (TKO)
W-Thomas Almeida (KO)
02Dominick Cruz
22-2 (5-1 UFC)
L-Cody Garbrandt (DEC)
W-Urijah Faber (DEC)
W-T.J. Dillashaw (DEC)
03T.J. Dillashaw
14-3 (10-3 UFC)
W-John Lineker (DEC)
W-Raphael Assuncao (DEC)
L-Dominick Cruz (DEC)
04Raphael Assuncao
24-5 (8-2 UFC)
W-Aljamain Sterling (DEC)
L-T.J. Dillashaw (DEC)
W-Bryan Caraway (DEC)
05Jimmie Rivera
20-1 (4-0 UFC)
W-Urijah Faber (DEC)
W-Iuri Alcantara (DEC)
W-Pedro Munhoz (DEC)
06John Lineker
29-8 (10-3 UFC)
L-T.J. Dillashaw (DEC)
W-John Dodson (DEC)
W-Michael McDonald (KO)
07Bryan Caraway
21-7 (6-2 UFC)
W-Aljamain Sterling (DEC)
W-Eddie Wineland (DEC)
L-Raphael Assuncao (DEC)
08John Dodson
18-8 (7-3 UFC)
L-John Lineker (DEC)
W-Manny Gamburyan (TKO)
L-Demetrious Johnson (DEC)
09Aljamain Sterling
12-2 (4-2 UFC)
L-Raphael Assuncao (DEC)
L-Bryan Caraway (DEC)
W-Johnny Eduardo (SUB)
10Thomas Almeida
22-1 (5-1 UFC)
W-Albert Morales (TKO)
L-Cody Garbrandt (KO)
W-Anthony Birchak (KO)
11Michael McDonald
17-4 (6-3 UFC)
L-John Lineker (KO)
W-Masanori Kanehara (SUB)
L-Urijah Faber (SUB)
12Johnny Eduardo
28-10 (3-2 UFC)
W-Manny Gamburyan (TKO)
L-Aljamain Sterling (SUB)
W-Eddie Wineland (KO)
13Eddie Wineland
23-11-1 (5-5 UFC)
W-Takeya Mizugaki (TKO)
W-Frankie Saenz (TKO)
L-Bryan Caraway (DEC)
14Pedro Munhoz
13-2 (3-2 UFC)
W-Justin Scoggins (SUB)
W-Russell Doane (SUB)
L-Jimmie Rivera (DEC)
15Augusto Mendes
6-1 (1-1 UFC)
W-Frankie Saenz (DEC)
L-Cody Garbrandt (TKO)
W-Donald Williams (SUB)
16Frankie Saenz
11-5 (3-3 UFC)
L-Augusto Mendes (DEC)
L-Eddie Wineland (TKO)
L-Urijah Faber (DEC)
17Iuri Alcantara
33-7 (8-4 UFC)
W-Brad Pickett (SUB)
L-Jimmie Rivera (DEC)
W-Leandro Issa (DEC)
Luke Sanders
18Rani Yahya
23-8 (8-2 UFC)
W-Michinori Tanaka (DEC)
W-Matthew Lopez (SUB)
W-Masanori Kanehara (DEC)
Joe Soto
19Brad Pickett
25-13 (5-8 UFC)
L-Urijah Faber (DEC)
L-Iuri Alcantara (SUB)
W-Francisco Rivera (DEC)
Henry Briones
20Rob Font
13-2 (3-1 UFC)
W-Matt Schnell (TKO)
L-John Lineker (DEC)
W-Joey Gomez (TKO)
21Ricardo Ramos
10-1 (1-0 UFC)
W-Michinori Tanaka (DEC)
W-Alfred Khashakyan (SUB)
L-Manny Vazquez (SUB)
22Michinori Tanaka
11-3 (2-3 UFC)
L-Ricardo Ramos (DEC)
L-Rani Yahya (DEC)
W-Joe Soto (DEC)
23Joe Soto
17-5 (2-3 UFC)
W-Marco Beltran (SUB)
W-Chris Beal (SUB)
L-Michinori Tanaka (DEC)
Rani Yahya
24Felipe Arantes
18-7-1 (5-4-1 UFC)
L-Erik Perez (DEC)
W-Jerrod Sanders (SUB)
W-Yves Jabouin (SUB)
25Matthew Lopez
9-1 (1-1 UFC)
W-Mitch Gagnon (DEC)
L-Rani Yahya (SUB)
W-Eli Finn (SUB)
26Mitch Gagnon
12-4 (4-3 UFC)
L-Matthew Lopez (DEC)
L-Renan Barao (SUB)
W-Roman Salazar (SUB)
27Justin Scoggins
11-3 (4-3 UFC)
L-Pedro Munhoz (SUB)
W-Ray Borg (DEC)
W-Josh Sampo (DEC)
28Alejandro Perez
17-6-1 (3-1-1 UFC)
D-Albert Morales (DEC)
W-Ian Entwistle (SUB)
W-Scott Jorgensen (TKO)
29Douglas Andrade
24-1 (2-1 UFC)
W-Henry Briones (TKO)
W-Cody Gibson (DEC)
L-Zubaira Tukhugov (DEC)
30Damian Stasiak
10-3 (2-1 UFC)
W-Davey Grant (SUB)
W-Filip Pejic (SUB)
L-Yaotzin Meza (DEC)
31Brett Johns
13-0 (1-0 UFC)
W-Kwan Ho Kwak (DEC)
W-Anthony Gutierrez (DEC)
W-Walel Watson (SUB)
Ian Entwistle
32Albert Morales
6-1-1 (0-1-1 UFC)
L-Thomas Almeida (TKO)
D-Alejandro Perez (DEC)
W-Mario Israel (KO)
Andre Soukhamthath
33Davey Grant
9-3 (1-2 UFC)
L-Damian Stasiak (SUB)
W-Marlon Vera (DEC)
L-Chris Holdsworth (SUB)
34Jerrod Sanders
15-3 (1-2 UFC)
L-Felipe Arantes (SUB)
W-Russell Doane (DEC)
NC-Pedro Munhoz (NC)
35Russell Doane
14-7 (2-4 UFC)
L-Mirsad Bektic (SUB)
L-Pedro Munhoz (SUB)
L-Jerrod Sanders (DEC)
36Aiemann Zahabi
7-0 (1-0 UFC)
W-Reginaldo Vieira (DEC)
W-Kyle Oliveira (TKO)
W-Jeremy Dichiara (TKO)
37Jose Quinonez
5-2 (2-1 UFC)
W-Joey Gomez (DEC)
W-Leonardo Morales (SUB)
L-Alejandro Perez (DEC)
38Marco Beltran
8-4 (3-1 UFC)
L-Joe Soto (SUB)
W-Reginaldo Vieira (SUB)
W-Ning Guangyou (DEC)
39Marlon Vera
8-3-1 (2-2 UFC)
W-Ning Guangyou (DEC)
L-Davey Grant (DEC)
W-Roman Salazar (SUB)
40Reginaldo Vieira
13-5 (1-2 UFC)
L-Aiemann Zahabi (DEC)
L-Marco Beltran (SUB)
W-Dileno Lopes (DEC)
41Henry Briones
16-6-1 (1-2 UFC)
L-Douglas Andrade (TKO)
L-Cody Garbrandt (DEC)
W-Guido Cannetti (SUB)
Brad Pickett
42Ian Entwistle
9-3 (1-2 UFC)
L-Alejandro Perez (SUB)
W-Anthony Birchak (SUB)
L-Daniel Hooker (TKO)
Brett Johns
43Matt Schnell
9-3 (0-1 UFC)
L-Rob Font (TKO)
L-Tim Elliott (SUB)
W-Matt Rizzo (SUB)
Hector Sandoval
44Kwan Ho Kwak
9-1 (0-1 UFC)
L-Brett Johns (DEC)
W-Alptekin Ozkilic (DEC)
W-Kyle Aguon (DEC)
45Ning Guangyou
5-4-1 (2-2 UFC)
L-Marlon Vera (DEC)
L-Marco Beltran (DEC)
W-Royston Wee (TKO)
46Roman Salazar
9-4 (0-2 UFC)
L-Marlon Vera (SUB)
NC-Norifumi Yamamoto (NC)
L-Mitch Gagnon (SUB)
* Ineligible for Rankings
- Inactivity>18 months
- Moving weight classes
- Yet to debut in UFC
*Chris Holdsworth
6-0 (2-0 UFC)
W-Chico Camus (DEC)
W-David Grant (SUB)
W-Michael Wootten (SUB)
Inactivity over 15 months
*Luke Sanders
11-0 (1-0 UFC)
W-Maximo Blanco (SUB)
W-Terrion Ware (DEC)
W-Jarred Mercado (TKO)
Iuri Alcantara
*Kyung Ho Kang
13-7 (2-1 UFC)
W-Michinori Tanaka (DEC)
W-Shunichi Shimizu (SUB)
L-Chico Camus (DEC)
Inactivity over 15 months
*Patrick Williams
8-4 (1-1 UFC)
W-Alejandro Perez (SUB)
L-Chris Beal (KO)
W-Rafael Dias (TKO)
Inactivity over 15 months
*Andre Soukhamthath
11-3 (0-0 UFC)
W-Kin Moy (TKO)
W-Kody Nordby (KO)
W-Carlos Galindo (TKO)
Albert Morales
*Guido Cannetti
7-2 (1-1 UFC)
W-Hugo Viana (DEC)
L-Henry Briones (SUB)
L-Alejandro Perez (KO)
*Norifumi Yamamoto
18-6 (0-3 UFC)
NC-Roman Salazar (NC)
L-Vaughan Lee (SUB)
L-Darren Uyenoyama (DEC)
Inactivity over 15 months
2017 UFC Signings:
Andre Soukhamthath
Ricardo Ramos
2017 UFC Cuts:
Erik Perez
Takeya Mizugaki
Francisco Rivera
Anthony Birchak
Yves Jabouin
Taylor Lapilus
Joey Gomez

  • Derek

    why is Miguel Torres above 
    Demetrious Johnson?

    also is Cole Escovedo actually 6-2 in  the ufc or is that an error?

    • admin

      Escovedo was 6-2 in the WEC, thank you for catching the error.

      As for Torres above Johnson…they just fought at UFC 130 and Johnson escaped with a controversial decision. Many have argued that Clay Guida was just gifted a decision against Anthony Pettis because all he simply did was hold Pettis down and inflicted very little damage, while Pettis attempted relentless submissions. Though similar scenarios, the Johnson/Torres fight was much tighter and Torres was the one who was looking for the finish, and also delivered some punishment from the times he was on the bottom. Sherdog and MMAjunkie though Torres should have gotten the nod. Therefore, Torres won’t drop in the rankings based on questionable judging. Just like Evan Dunham’s loss to Sean Sherk, Tyson Griffin’s loss to Nik Lentz, Paul Taylor’s loss to Sam Stout, and countless other fights that have been judged to an unfavorable result.

      All of our rankings take into consideration the actual fight’s action, rather than just the end result. Otherwise, we’d basically just go on Sherdog’s Fight Finder and go strictly off wins and losses, which wouldn’t be very accurate. We rely heavily on play-by-play details of events and the fighter’s actual performance to determine how a fighter will be ranked following an event, rather than being swayed by judges’ decisions.

      What do you think? Would you rank #7 Johnson above #5 Torres and #6 Pickett(who Johnson lost to)?

  • McDonald shouldn’t be ahead of bowles, jorgensen, and pickett at this stage,you may be proved right,but rankings shouldn’t be done on potential. 

    • admin

      McDonald’s win over Miguel Torres gave him just the boost to move up the rankings. Bowles, Jorgensen, and Pickett are all stuck in a slump against high-level competition. Meanwhile, McDonald is undefeated with a finish win over Torres.

      • dWdHELLCAT

        i still think bowles is ahead of mcdonald,bowles took torres out when torres was at his peak did he not ? and has only lost to cruz and faber since. unless your ranking them on who’s closer to getting a title shot?

        • admin

          Bowles is still an elite bantamweight, but his recent loss to Urijah Faber was one-sided. Meanwhile, McDonald took a huge step up in competition against Torres and knocked him out in the 1st round. I was not a big believer in McDonald until that win. Bowles just needs to stay healthy and he should be right back in the title picture. Until he does though, he is ranked lower McDonald.


    Ok,your rankings are more about who’s next in line for a title shot,that’s ok i don’t do it that way i think bowles has seniority until mcdonald beats him or someone ranked ahead of him. and jorgensen above pickett? going back to his WEC victory.

    • admin

      Pickett above Jorgensen is something that I looked closely at. Wineland’s KO of Jorgensen definitely shuffled the rankings up. I feel that Pickett deserves to be ranked above Wineland at this point, thus creating the current hierarchy of Pickett

  • Frankie

    Cody BamBam Bollinger 14-3 made his debut at 135s march 24th He has a win over cameron Dollar at 155s ,Top Prospect for TUF 18 should be in the mix

    • rankingmma

      Bollinger is a solid fighter. I had him in my Top 25 prospects prior to him signing with Bellator. His fight with Shamhalaev was surprisingly one-sided, but the move down to 135 lbs. should be a good career move for him.

      Since Bollinger participated in a Bellator tournament he is no longer eligible to be ranked in the “Prospects” section. With a couple of wins though he should be able to make some noise at bantamweight.

  • Wagner

    Hugo Vianna will be the future champion. You bet.

  • yossgold

    Legacy FC champ, Thomas de Almeida signed to the UFC