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UFC Bantamweight Rankings

Men’s Divisions
Heavyweight (265)Light Heavyweight (205)Middleweight (185)Welterweight (170)Lightweight (155)Featherweight (145) – Bantamweight (135) – Flyweight (125)

Women’s Divisions
Women’s Featherweight (145)Women’s Bantamweight (135)Women’s Strawweight (115)

Fighter  Last 3 FightsNext Fight
2018 UFC Signings:
Elias Garcia
Pingyuan Liu
Petr Yan
Manny Bermudez
2018 UFC Cuts:
Felipe Arantes (retired)
Augusto Mendes
T.J. Dillashaw
15-3 (11-3 UFC)
W-Cody Garbrandt (TKO)
W-John Lineker (DEC)
W-Raphael Assuncao (DEC)
Cody Garbrandt
11Cody Garbrandt
11-1 (6-1 UFC)
L-T.J. Dillashaw (TKO)
W-Dominick Cruz (DEC)
W-Takeya Mizugaki (TKO)
T.J. Dillashaw
23Raphael Assuncao
27-5 (11-2 UFC)
W-Rob Font (DEC)
W-Matthew Lopez (KO)
W-Marlon Moraes (DEC)
34Marlon Moraes
21-5-1 (3-1 UFC)
W-Jimmie Rivera (KO)
W-Aljamain Sterling (KO)
W-John Dodson (DEC)
45Jimmie Rivera
21-2 (5-1 UFC)
L-Marlon Moraes (KO)
W-Thomas Almeida (DEC)
W-Urijah Faber (DEC)
John Dodson
56John Lineker
31-8 (12-3 UFC)
W-Brian Kelleher (KO)
W-Marlon Vera (DEC)
L-T.J. Dillashaw (DEC)
67John Dodson
20-9 (9-4 UFC)
W-Pedro Munhoz (DEC)
L-Marlon Moraes (DEC)
W-Eddie Wineland (DEC)
Jimmie Rivera
79Cody Stamann
16-1 (3-0 UFC)
W-Bryan Caraway (DEC)
W-Tom Duquesnoy (DEC)
W-Terrion Ware (DEC)
8Bryan Caraway
21-8 (6-3 UFC)
L-Cody Stamman (DEC)
W-Aljamain Sterling (DEC)
W-Eddie Wineland (DEC)
98Aljamain Sterling
15-3 (7-3 UFC)
W-Brett Johns (DEC)
L-Marlon Moraes (KO)
W-Renan Barao (DEC)
1010Pedro Munhoz
15-3 (5-3 UFC)
L-John Dodson (DEC)
W-Rob Font (SUB)
W-Damian Stasiak (DEC)
1111Rob Font
15-4 (5-3 UFC)
L-Raphael Assuncao (DEC)
W-Thomas Almeida (TKO)
L-Pedro Munhoz (SUB)
1212Thomas Almeida
22-3 (5-3 UFC)
L-Rob Font (TKO)
L-Jimmie Rivera (DEC)
W-Albert Morales (TKO)
1313Alejandro Perez
21-6-1 (7-1-1 UFC)
W-Eddie Wineland (DEC)
W-Matthew Lopez (TKO)
W-Iuri Alcantara (DEC)
1415Eddie Wineland
23-13-1 (5-7 UFC)
L-Alejandro Perez (DEC)
L-John Dodson (DEC)
W-Takeya Mizugaki (TKO)
1514Brett Johns
15-1 (3-1 UFC)
L-Aljamain Sterling (DEC)
W-Joe Soto (SUB)
W-Albert Morales (DEC)
16Douglas Andrade
25-2 (3-2 UFC)
W-Marlon Vera (DEC)
L-Rob Font (SUB)
W-Henry Briones (TKO)
17Marlon Vera
10-5-1 (4-4 UFC)
L-Douglas Andrade (DEC)
L-John Lineker (DEC)
W-Brian Kelleher (SUB)
18Brian Kelleher
19-9 (3-2 UFC)
L-John Lineker (KO)
W-Renan Barao (DEC)
W-Damian Stasiak (TKO)
19Renan Barao
34-6 (9-5 UFC)
L-Brian Kelleher (DEC)
L-Aljamain Sterling (DEC)
W-Phillipe Nover (DEC)
20Frankie Saenz
13-5 (5-3 UFC)
W-Henry Briones (DEC)
W-Merab Dvalishvili (DEC)
L-Augusto Mendes (DEC)
21Iuri Alcantara
35-9 (10-6 UFC)
W-Joe Soto (TKO)
L-Alejandro Perez (DEC)
L-Brian Kelleher (SUB)
22Joe Soto
18-7 (3-5 UFC)
L-Iuri Alcantara (TKO)
L-Brett Johns (SUB)
W-Rani Yahya (DEC)
23Rani Yahya
25-9 (10-3 UFC)
W-Russell Doane (SUB)
W-Henry Briones (SUB)
L-Joe Soto (DEC)
Luke Sanders
24Petr Yan
9-1 (1-0 UFC)
W-Teruto Ishihara (TKO)
W-Matheus Mattos (KO)
W-Magomed Magomedov (DEC)
2515Matthew Lopez
10-3 (2-3 UFC)
L-Alejandro Perez (TKO)
L-Raphael Assuncao (KO)
W-Johnny Eduardo (TKO)
NRRicardo Ramos
11-1 (2-0 UFC)
W-Aiemann Zahabi (KO)
W-Michinori Tanaka (DEC)
W-Alfred Khashakyan (SUB)
Kyung Ho Kang
NRNathaniel Wood
14-3 (1-0 UFC)
W-Johnny Eduardo (SUB)
W-Luca Iovine (KO)
W-Josh Reed (TKO)
NRJohnny Eduardo
28-12 (3-4 UFC)
L-Nathaniel Wood (SUB)
L-Matthew Lopez (TKO)
W-Manny Gamburyan (TKO)
NRTom Duquesnoy
16-2 (2-1 UFC)
W-Terrion Ware (DEC)
L-Cody Stamann (DEC)
W-Patrick Williams (TKO)
NRSean O'Malley
10-0 (2-0 UFC)
W-Andre Soukhamthath (DEC)
W-Terrion Ware (DEC)
W-Alfred Khashakyan (KO)
NRRicky Simon
13-1 (1-0 UFC)
W-Merab Dvalishvili (SUB)
W-Vinicius Zani (KO)
W-Chico Camus (DEC)
Benito Lopez
NRBenito Lopez
9-0 (1-0 UFC)
W-Albert Morales (DEC)
W-Steven Peterson (DEC)
W-Benjamin Vinson (TKO)
Ricky Simon
NRManny Bermudez
11-0 (1-0 UFC)
W-Albert Morales (SUB)
W-Bendy Casimir (SUB)
W-Tony Gravely (SUB)
NRAlbert Morales
7-4-1 (1-4-1 UFC)
L-Manny Bermudez (SUB)
L-Benito Lopez (DEC)
L-Brett Johns (DEC)
NRAndre Soukhamthath
12-6 (1-3 UFC)
L-Sean O'Malley (DEC)
W-Luke Sanders (TKO)
L-Alejandro Perez (DEC)
NRJose Quinonez
7-2 (4-1 UFC)
W-Teruto Ishihara (DEC)
W-Diego Rivas (DEC)
W-Joey Gomez (DEC)
NRKyung Ho Kang
14-7 (3-1 UFC)
W-Guido Cannetti (SUB)
W-Michinori Tanaka (DEC)
W-Shunichi Shimizu (SUB)
Ricardo Ramos
NRRussell Doane
15-8 (3-5 UFC)
L-Rani Yahya (SUB)
W-Kwan Ho Kwak (TKO)
L-Mirsad Bektic (SUB)
NRLuke Sanders
12-2 (2-2 UFC)
W-Patrick Williams (DEC)
L-Andre Soukhamthath (TKO)
L-Iuri Alcantara (SUB)
Rani Yahya
NRDamian Stasiak
10-5 (2-3 UFC)
L-Brian Kelleher (TKO)
L-Pedro Munhoz (DEC)
W-Davey Grant (SUB)
Pingyuan Liu
NRAiemann Zahabi
7-1 (1-1 UFC)
L-Ricardo Ramos (KO)
W-Reginaldo Vieira (DEC)
W-Kyle Oliveira (TKO)
NRMerab Dvalishvili
7-4 (0-2 UFC)
L-Ricky Simon (SUB)
L-Frankie Saenz (DEC)
W-Raufeon Stots (KO)
NRYadong Song
11-3 (2-0 UFC)
W-Felipe Arantes (KO)
W-Bharat Khandare (SUB)
W-Edgars Skrivers (DEC)
NRTeruto Ishihara
10-6-2 (3-4-1 UFC)
L-Petr Yan (TKO)
L-Jose Quinonez (DEC)
W-Rolando Dy (DEC)
NRMark Delarosa
10-1 (1-1 UFC)
W-Elias Garcia (SUB)
L-Tim Elliott (SUB)
W-Mahatma Avalos (DEC)
NRPatrick Williams
8-6 (1-3 UFC)
L-Luke Sanders (DEC)
L-Tom Duquesnoy (TKO)
W-Alejandro Perez (SUB)
NRHenry Briones
16-8-1 (1-4 UFC)
L-Frankie Saenz (DEC)
L-Rani Yahya (SUB)
L-Douglas Andrade (TKO)
NRGuido Cannetti
8-3 (2-2 UFC)
W-Diego Rivas (DEC)
L-Kyung Ho Kang (SUB)
W-Hugo Viana (DEC)
NRKwan Ho Kwak
9-2 (0-2 UFC)
L-Russell Doane (TKO)
L-Brett Johns (DEC)
W-Alptekin Ozkilic (DEC)
NRDiego Rivas
7-2 (2-2 UFC)
L-Guido Cannetti (DEC)
L-Jose Quinonez (DEC)
W-Noad Lahat (KO)
NRTerrion Ware
17-8 (0-3 UFC)
L-Tom Duquesnoy (DEC)
L-Sean O'Malley (DEC)
L-Cody Stamann (DEC)
NRElias Garcia
4-1 (0-1 UFC)
L-Mark Delarosa (SUB)
W-Adam Antolin (KO)
W-Alex Figueroa (DEC)
NRBharat Khandare
5-3 (0-1 UFC)
L-Yadong Song (SUB)
L-Ahmed Fares (SUB)
W-Sami Amin (SUB)
Wuljii Buren
Ineligible for Rankings
* Suspension
* Inactivity>15 months
* Moving Divisions
* Yet to debut
2Dominick Cruz
22-2 (5-1 UFC)
L-Cody Garbrandt (DEC)
W-Urijah Faber (DEC)
W-T.J. Dillashaw (DEC)
Davey Grant
9-3 (1-2 UFC)
L-Damian Stasiak (SUB)
W-Marlon Vera (DEC)
L-Chris Holdsworth (SUB)
Mitch Gagnon
12-4 (4-3 UFC)
L-Matthew Lopez (DEC)
L-Renan Barao (SUB)
W-Roman Salazar (SUB)
Boston Salmon
6-1 (0-0 UFC)
W-Ricky Turcios (DEC)
L-Zac Riley (DEC)
W-Keith Carson (KO)
Norifumi Yamamoto
18-6 (0-3 UFC)
NC-Roman Salazar (NC)
L-Vaughan Lee (SUB)
L-Darren Uyenoyama (DEC)
Pingyuan Liu
11-5 (0-0 UFC)
W-Yuichi Ohashi (TKO)
W-Nikolay Beykin (SUB)
W-Umidjon Musajev (TKO)
Damian Stasiak
UFC Rankings FAQ    
* These rankings are not official, nor do they reflect any affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by the UFC. The rankings generated by the UFC can be found here.
UFC Rankings are comprised of all fighters currently signed to the UFC. RankingMMA has been publishing UFC rankings since 2006.

So, how do we compile our rankings? What separates us from other web sites that formulate rankings?

Here is our rankings criteria:
- Most recent performance
- Performance against top competition
- Estimated ability against future competition
- Strength of competition
- Activity in the last 3 years
- Last 5 fights

There are many fighters sporting undefeated records from developing fight scenes, especially abroad. Something we take into consideration is the strength of competition they have faced. If a fighter has compiled a bunch of wins against competition that is lackluster they will likely have a difficult time moving up in the rankings until they face stiffer competition in order for us to accurately predict how they would perform against exceedingly tougher competition.

If a fighter has fought elite competition and fallen short, we factor in how they performed. If a fighter fairs well against a higher-ranked adversary, they could still move up in the rankings.

Actual fight footage is reviewed, regardless of promotion in order to formulate our rankings.

= Fighter moves up in the rankings after recent fight
= Fighter moves down in the rankings after recent fight

Reasons a fighter is ineligible for UFC Rankings
= Inactivity over 15 months
= Changing weight classes. A fighter must debut in their new weight class in order to officially be ranked there. Upon their debut, they will be removed from their former weight class. If the fighter temporarily competed outside of their division, they will be ranked in their primary division unless the fighter states different.
= Suspension. Should a fighter be suspended for performance enhancing substances or fighter conduct, they will be removed from the rankings.
= Info Needed. A fighter has signed or re-signed with the UFC, but have yet to officially fight in the UFC.