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#  FighterLast 3 FightsNext Fight
01Vitaly Minakov
20-0 (Bellator)
W-Antonio Silva (KO)
W-D.J. Linderman (KO)
W-Peter Graham (SUB)
02Muhammed Lawal
21-6 (Bellator)
W-Quinton Jackson (DEC)
L-Mirko Cro Cop (TKO)
W-Satoshi Ishii (DEC)
03Roy Nelson
22-14 (Bellator)
L-Alexander Volkov (DEC)
W-Antonio Silva (KO)
L-Derrick Lewis (DEC)
04Fedor Emelianenko
36-4 (Bellator)
W-Fabio Maldonado (DEC)
W-Jaideep Singh (TKO)
Matt Mitrione
05Cheick Kongo
27-10-2 (Bellator)
W-Augusto Sakai (DEC)
W-Oli Thompson (DEC)
W-Tony Johnson (DEC)
06Matt Mitrione
11-5 (Bellator)
W-Oli Thompson (TKO)
W-Carl Seumanutafa (KO)
L-Travis Browne (TKO)
Fedor Emlianenko
07Blagoi Ivanov
15-1 (WSOF)
W-Shawn Jordan (TKO)
W-Josh Copeland (DEC)
W-Derrick Mehmen (TKO)
08Quinton Jackson
37-12 (Bellator)
L-Muhammed Lawal (DEC)
W-Satoshi Ishii (DEC)
W-Fabio Maldonado (DEC)
09Shawn Jordan
19-8 (WSOF)
L-Blagoi Ivanov (TKO)
W-Ashley Gooch (TKO)
L-Ruslan Magomedov (DEC)
10Sergey Pavlovich
11-0 (Free Agent)
W-Mikhail Mokhnatkin (DEC)
W-Alexei Kudin (DEC)
W-Akhmedshaikh Gelegaev (TKO)
11Tony Johnson Jr.
11-3 (Bellator)
W-Magomedbag Agaev (TKO)
L-Cheick Kongo (DEC)
W-Raphael Butler (TKO)
12Javy Ayala
10-5 (Bellator)
W-Sergei Kharitonov (KO)
W-Roy Boughton (TKO)
L-Carl Seumanutafa (TKO)
Valentin Moldavsky
13Sergei Kharitonov
25-6 (Bellator)
W-Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (KO)
W-Chase Gormley (KO)
L-Javy Ayala (KO)
14Denis Goltsov
19-4 (Free Agent)
W-Salimgerey Rasulov (DEC)
W-Paul Buentello (KO)
W-Mike Kyle (SUB)
15Caio Alencar
11-1 (WSOF)
W-Jared Rosholt (KO)
W-Felipe Oliveira (SUB)
W-Jose Guelke (DEC)

  • Richard Hardin

    No Bobby Lashley? Dude is an animal.

  • brock needs to leave mma

    fedor, barnett, kharitonov, and a better conditioned carwin would all destroy Cock Chestboy Lesnar.. hopefully he will be out of mma soon

    couldnt even finish a guy he outweighed by 20+ lbs (herring) and that same guy fedor manhandled and crocop tko’d in the first round, only fans of lesnar are his wwf fanboys

    • admin

      Lesnar’s days as a Top 10 heavyweight may be numbered. The toll of his unfortunate sickness on his overall strength and mindset, have likely changed him forever.

      As for Fedor, Barnett, or Kharitonov beating him, I think we have to give Lesnar the benefit of the doubt, just as we have the same fighters you mentioned. Kharitonov lost to Jeff Monson not too long ago. Monson used his wrestling to easily take Kharitonov down and keep him there. Lesnar vs. Kharitonov would be a great clash of styles, but I’d be interesting to see what the betting line would be for that fight.

      Lesnar will never win over MMA fans that have hated him since day 1, but at least he did step up and fight guys like Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin, something that can’t be said for many heavyweight fighters living off their Pride glory days from 6-7 years ago.

      • tim grambling

        Well he did become heavyweighchampion and defended it twice to tie the record of heavyweight defenses so stop hating

    • Hm. How’d that work out?

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