UFC Fighters with the most fights in the UFC

Final Notes:

* This article was published with statistics as of April 21, 2014

There are currently 458 fighters under UFC contract. Every active fighter was eligible to be ranked for this Top 10 list. The only fighter I left off that would have qualified was B.J. Penn. Penn was excluded due to being retired, and not officially fighting since that announcement. Penn currently has 22 fights in the UFC and would have came in 2nd place behind Josh Koscheck for the most fights in the UFC amongst current UFC fighters.

The statistics used for this list were taken from our Stats Pages under the Features Menu, which is fully updated and sortable. See links below for these stats pages, which are broken down by each UFC division.

Flyweight: https://rankingmma.com/ufc-flyweight-statistics/
Bantamweight: https://rankingmma.com/ufc-bantamweight-statistics/
Featherweight: https://rankingmma.com/ufc-featherweight-statistics/
Lightweight: https://rankingmma.com/ufc-lightweight-statistics/
Welterweight: https://rankingmma.com/ufc-welterweight-statistics/
Middleweight: https://rankingmma.com/ufc-middleweight-statistics/
Light Heavyweight: https://rankingmma.com/ufc-light-heavyweight-statistics/
Heavyweight: https://rankingmma.com/ufc-heavyweight-statistics/
Women’s Bantamweight: https://rankingmma.com/ufc-womens-bantamweight-statistics/

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