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UFC Women’s Strawweight Rankings

Men’s Divisions
Heavyweight (265)Light Heavyweight (205)Middleweight (185)Welterweight (170)Lightweight (155)Featherweight (145)Bantamweight (135)Flyweight (125)

Women’s Divisions
Women’s Featherweight (145)Women’s Bantamweight (135) – Women’s Strawweight (115)

Fighter  Last 3 FightsNext Fight
2017 UFC Signings:
Yan Xiaonan
Jodie Esquibel
Syuri Kondo
Chan-Mi Jeon
Amanda Ribas
Nadia Kassem
Pearl Gonzalez
Cynthia Calvillo
2017 UFC Cuts:
Angela Magana
Pearl Gonzalez
Valerie Letourneau
Seo Hee Ham
Aisling Daly (retired)
Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger (retired)
Rose Namajunas
7-3 (5-2 UFC)
W-Joanna Jedrzejczyk (TKO)
W-Michelle Waterson (SUB)
L-Karolina Kowalkiewicz (DEC)
11Joanna Jedrzejczyk
14-1 (8-1 UFC)
L-Rose Namajunas (TKO)
W-Jessica Andrade (DEC)
W-Karolina Kowalkiewicz (DEC)
22Jessica Andrade
17-6 (8-4 UFC)
W-Claudia Gadelha (DEC)
L-Joanna Jedrzejczyk (DEC)
W-Angela Hill (DEC)
Karolina Kowalkiewicz
33Claudia Gadelha
15-3 (4-3 UFC)
L-Jessica Andrade (DEC)
W-Karolina Kowalkiewicz (SUB)
W-Cortney Casey (DEC)
44Karolina Kowalkiewicz
11-2 (4-2 UFC)
W-Jodie Esquibel (DEC)
L-Claudia Gadelha (SUB)
L-Joanna Jedrzejczyk (DEC)
Jessica Andrade
55Tecia Torres
10-1 (6-1 UFC)
W-Michelle Waterson (DEC)
W-Juliana Lima (SUB)
W-Bec Rawlings (DEC)
66Cynthia Calvillo
6-0 (3-0 UFC)
W-Joanne Calderwood (DEC)
W-Pearl Gonzalez (SUB)
W-Amanda Cooper (SUB)
Carla Esparza
710Alexa Grasso
10-1 (2-1 UFC)
W-Randa Markos (DEC)
L-Felice Herrig (DEC)
W-Heather Clark (DEC)
814Randa Markos
7-5 (3-4 UFC)
L-Alexa Grasso (DEC)
W-Carla Esparza (DEC)
L-Cortney Casey (SUB)
Juliana Lima
99Carla Esparza
12-4 (3-2 UFC)
W-Maryna Moroz (DEC)
L-Randa Markos (DEC)
W-Juliana Lima (DEC)
Cynthia Calvillo
107Michelle Waterson
14-6 (2-2 UFC)
L-Tecia Torres (DEC)
L-Rose Namajunas (SUB)
W-Paige VanZant (SUB)
11 12Paige VanZant
7-3 (4-2 UFC)
L-Michelle Waterson (SUB)
W-Bec Rawlings (KO)
L-Rose Namajunas (SUB)
Jessica Rose-Clark
128Felice Herrig
14-6 (5-1 UFC)
W-Cortney Casey (DEC)
W-Justine Kish (DEC)
W-Alexa Grasso (DEC)
13 13Joanne Calderwood
11-3 (3-3 UFC)
L-Cynthia Calvillo (DEC)
L-Jessica Andrade (SUB)
W-Valerie Letourneau (TKO)
14 11Cortney Casey
7-5 (3-4 UFC)
L-Felice Herrig (DEC)
W-Jessica Aguilar (DEC)
L-Claudia Gadelha (DEC)
15Jessica Aguilar
19-6 (0-2 UFC)
L-Cortney Casey (NC)
L-Claudia Gadelha (DEC)
W-Kalindra Faria (DEC)
16Tatiana Suarez
5-0 (2-0 UFC)
W-Viviane Pereira (DEC)
W-Amanda Cooper (SUB)
W-Kate Jackson (SUB)
1715Maryna Moroz
8-2 (3-2 UFC)
L-Carla Esparza (DEC)
W-Danielle Taylor (DEC)
W-Cristina Stanciu (DEC)
Jamie Moyle
18Juliana Lima
9-4 (3-3 UFC)
L-Tecia Torres (SUB)
W-J.J. Aldrich (DEC)
L-Carla Esparza (DEC)
Randa Markos
19 Justine Kish
6-1 (2-1 UFC)
L-Felice Herrig (DEC)
W-Ashley Yoder (DEC)
W-Nina Ansaroff (DEC)
Ji Yeon Kim
20Nina Ansaroff
8-5 (2-2 UFC)
W-Angela Hill (DEC)
W-Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger (SUB)
L-Justine Kish (DEC)
21Angela Hill
7-4 (2-4 UFC)
L-Nina Ansaroff (DEC)
W-Ashley Yoder (DEC)
L-Jessica Andrade (DEC)
22Danielle Taylor
9-2 (2-1 UFC)
W-Jessica Penne (DEC)
W-Seo Hee Ham (DEC)
L-Maryna Moroz (DEC)
J.J. Aldrich
23Viviane Pereira
13-1 (2-1 UFC)
L-Tatiana Suarez (DEC)
W-Jamie Moyle (DEC)
W-Valerie Letourneau (DEC)
24Alexandra Albu
3-0 (2-0 UFC)
W-Kailin Curran (DEC)
W-Izabela Badurek (SUB)
W-Lyubov Demidova (TKO)
25Heather Clark
7-6 (1-2 UFC)
L-Alexa Grasso (DEC)
L-Karolina Kowalkiewicz (DEC)
W-Bec Rawlings (DEC)
26Amanda Cooper
3-3 (2-2 UFC)
W-Angela Magana (TKO)
L-Cynthia Calvillo (SUB)
W-Anna Elmose (DEC)
27Jamie Moyle
4-2 (1-1 UFC)
L-Viviane Pereira (DEC)
W-Kailin Curran (DEC)
L-Amanda Cooper (DEC)
Maryna Moroz
28J.J. Aldrich
5-2 (1-1 UFC)
W-Chan-Mi Jeon (DEC)
L-Juliana Lima (DEC)
W-Lynn Alvarez (DEC)
Danielle Taylor
29Poliana Botelho
6-1 (1-0 UFC)
W-Pearl Gonzalez (DEC)
W-Silvana Gomez (TKO)
W-Antonia Silva (KO)
30Syuri Kondo
6-0 (1-0 UFC)
W-Chan-Mi Jeon (DEC)
W-Kinberly Novaes (DEC)
W-Minna Grusander (DEC)
31Ashley Yoder
5-3 (0-2 UFC)
L-Angela Hill (DEC)
L-Justine Kish (DEC)
W-Amber Brown (SUB)
32Jodie Esquibel
6-3 (0-1 UFC)
L-Karolina Kowalkiewicz (DEC)
W-DeAnna Bennett (DEC)
L-Alexa Grasso (DEC)
33Nadia Kassem
5-0 (1-0 UFC)
W-Alex Chambers (DEC)
W-Jasita Yotawan (TKO)
W-Leigha Aurisch (TKO)
34Alex Chambers
5-4 (1-3 UFC)
L-Nadia Kassem (DEC)
L-Paige VanZant (SUB)
W-Kailin Curran (SUB)
35Yan Xiaonan
8-1 (1-0 UFC)
W-Kailin Curran (DEC)
NC-Emi Fujino (NC)
W-Seo Hee Lim (TKO)
36Kailin Curran
4-6 (1-6 UFC)
L-Yan Xiaonan (DEC)
L-Alexandra Albu (DEC)
L-Jamie Moyle (DEC)
37Chan-Mi Jeon
5-2 (0-2 UFC)
L-Syuri Kondo (DEC)
L-J.J. Aldrich (DEC)
W-Megumi Yabushita (TKO)
Ineligible for Rankings
* Suspension
* Inactivity>15 months
* Moving Divisions
* Yet to debut
Jessica Penne
12-5 (1-3 UFC)
L-Danielle Taylor (DEC)
L-Jessica Andrade (TKO)
L-Joanna Jedrzejczyk (TKO)
Amanda Ribas
6-1 (0-0 UFC)
W-Jennifer Araneda (TKO)
L-Polyana Mota (KO)
W-Tania Pereda (SUB)
Tina Hanninen
5-1 (0-1 UFC)
L-Claudia Gadelha (DEC)
W-Karla Benitez (SUB)
W-Stephanie Page (SUB)
UFC Rankings FAQ    
* These rankings are not official, nor do they reflect any affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by the UFC. The rankings generated by the UFC can be found here.
UFC Rankings are comprised of all fighters currently signed to the UFC. RankingMMA has been publishing UFC rankings since 2006.

So, how do we compile our rankings? What separates us from other web sites that formulate rankings?

Here is our rankings criteria:
- Most recent performance
- Performance against top competition
- Estimated ability against future competition
- Strength of competition
- Activity in the last 3 years
- Last 5 fights

There are many fighters sporting undefeated records from developing fight scenes, especially abroad. Something we take into consideration is the strength of competition they have faced. If a fighter has compiled a bunch of wins against competition that is lackluster they will likely have a difficult time moving up in the rankings until they face stiffer competition in order for us to accurately predict how they would perform against exceedingly tougher competition.

If a fighter has fought elite competition and fallen short, we factor in how they performed. If a fighter fairs well against a higher-ranked adversary, they could still move up in the rankings.

Actual fight footage is reviewed, regardless of promotion in order to formulate our rankings.

= Fighter moves up in the rankings after recent fight
= Fighter moves down in the rankings after recent fight

Reasons a fighter is ineligible for UFC Rankings
= Inactivity over 15 months
= Changing weight classes. A fighter must debut in their new weight class in order to officially be ranked there. Upon their debut, they will be removed from their former weight class. If the fighter temporarily competed outside of their division, they will be ranked in their primary division unless the fighter states different.
= Suspension. Should a fighter be suspended for performance enhancing substances or fighter conduct, they will be removed from the rankings.
= Info Needed. A fighter has signed or re-signed with the UFC, but have yet to officially fight in the UFC.
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