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#  FighterLast 3 FightsNext Fight
01Rory MacDonald
18-4 (Bellator)
L-Stephen Thompson (DEC)
L-Robbie Lawler (TKO)
W-Tarec Saffiedine (TKO)
Paul Daley
02Ben Askren
15-0 (OneFC)
W-Nikolay Aleksakhin (DEC)
NC-Luis Santos (NC)
W-Nobutatsu Suzuki (TKO)
03Douglas Lima
28-6 (Bellator)
W-Andrey Koreshkov (KO)
W-Paul Daley (DEC)
L-Andrey Koreshkov (DEC)
Lorenz Larkin
04Andrey Koreshkov
19-2 (Bellator)
L-Douglas Lima (KO)
W-Benson Henderson (DEC)
W-Douglas Lima (DEC)
05Lorenz Larkin
18-5 (5-5 UFC)
W-Neil Magny (TKO)
W-Jorge Masvidal (DEC)
L-Albert Tumenov (DEC)
Douglas Lima
06Jon Fitch
29-7-1 (WSOF)
W-Jake Shields (DEC)
W-Joao Zeferino (DEC)
W-Yushin Okami (DEC)
07Rick Story
19-9 (12-7 UFC)
L-Donald Cerrone (TKO)
W-Tarec Saffiedine (DEC)
W-Gunnar Nelson (DEC)
08Jake Shields
31-9-1 (WSOF)
L-Jon Fitch (DEC)
L-Rousimar Palhares (SUB)
W-Brian Foster (SUB)
09Paul Daley
39-14-2 (Bellator)
W-Brennan Ward (KO)
L-Douglas Lima (DEC)
W-Andy Uhrich (KO)
Rory MacDonald
10Albert Tumenov
17-4 (5-3 UFC)
L-Leon Edwards (SUB)
L-Gunnar Nelson (SUB)
W-Lorenz Larkin (DEC)
Marcelo Alfaya
11Yushin Okami
33-10 (WSOF)
W-Paul Bradley (DEC)
W-Shingo Suzuki (SUB)
W-Ryuta Sakurai (TKO)
12Abubakar Nurmagomedov
14-1 (WSOF)
W-Matt Secor (DEC)
W-John Howard (DEC)
W-Matthew Frincu (TKO)
13Michael Page
12-0 (Bellator)
W-Fernando Gonzalez (DEC)
W-Evangelista Santos (KO)
W-Jeremie Holloway (SUB)
Derek Anderson
14Brennan Ward
14-5 (Bellator)
L-Paul Daley (KO)
W-Saad Awad (KO)
L-Evangelista Santos (SUB)
15Luis Santos
63-9-1 (One FC)
W-Igor Svirid (DEC)
W-Rafael Silva (TKO)
NC-Ben Askren (NC)

  • marteny

    Who looks like the best fit for Bellator 100’s fight vs. Luis Sergio “Junior” Melo, now that Matt Riddle has dropped out?

    • marteny

      How about Lyman Good? He’s free from his Bellator contract since July, but nobody’s come knocking for him. He didn’t rule out coming back to Bellator, and now a tournament position has opened up. Bellator needs a solid competitior badly for Melo, but is Good too stiff? Short notice fights usually seem to be given to a lesser opponent who has to do or die. But they need a competitor fast, to fight September 20th, 2013. Lyman and company is already familiar with Bellator’s contract and language. Would they give him leeway to leave anytime, if he fills the short-order fight? It IS another paycheck and continued exposure.

      • D.C. Ross

        Good is definitely a possibility, but I’m guessing Bellator will go in house with their replacement. They just finished Fight Master and have 16 fighters under contract that now need fights. Cristiano Souza, Cole Williams, or Eric Bradley could all be good replacements.