10 Best MMA Featherweight Prospects of 2014

#5: Gleristone Santos

Gleristone Santos has been one of my favorite prospects to watch over the years. I’ve hyped him up on MMA forums and have tried to get him noticed by UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby, but for whatever reason Santos has not gotten the call despite an impressive 25-4 record and countless KO highlights on Youtube. The guy is vicious and explosive with every strike he throws. So, why isn’t the UFC paying attention? There could be more to the story that we just don’t know about. He’s tried out for TUF Brazil on two different occasions and was not selected. He recently signed with Titan FC, but visa issues forced the cancellation of his recent debut. He’s still penciled in to appear on their next card, but I wouldn’t hold my breath at this point. Santos trains out Brazilian Top Team, which is stacked with talent, and though they are not what they once used to be, Santos should still be in good hands under the tutelage of Murilo Bustamante. Santos used to go under the name Antonio Glaristone, though his background growing up in Brazil is not well known. He supposedly has dozens of unrecorded fights not listed on his official record, though Sherdog does have his MMA debut recorded as 2005, when Santos had just turned 17 years old. With this much experience under his belt, highlight reel knockouts, the backing of Brazilian Top Team, and UFC stars such as Anderson Silva and the Nogueira brothers proclaiming their approval of Santos’ skills, I once again ask, why has Santos not signed with the UFC?

Sherdog: http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Gleristone-Santos-35842
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToninhoFuria

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