Kenny Robertson profile

Kenny Robertson
Record: 10-1
Division: 170
Ranking: Not Ranked
Fights out of:
Opponent W/L via round where when
Mike Pierce L TKO 2 UFC 126 02/05/11
John Kolosci W Sub 2 Bellator 25 08/19/10
Igor Almeida W TKO 2 MFC 04/30/10
Gerald Meerschaert W Sub 1 MT 19 05/02/09
LeVon Maynard W Dec 3 C3 11/22/08
Roy Timmons W Sub 1 Cage Rage 08/09/08
Herbert Goodman W Sub 3 Combat USA 05/30/08
Brady Gillian W Sub 1 Cage Rage 05/03/08
A.J. Skiba W Sub 1 C3 04/26/08
Jay Finnegan W Sub 1 Cage Rage 03/22/08
Joe Bryant W TKO 1 Cage Rage 03/22/08

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