10 Best MMA Flyweight Prospects of 2014

Final Words

So, just to sum up this year’s 2014 MMA Prospects Report I will list the rankings and will be hopefully updating the list as I go. Once I have completed every weight class, I will set up an index as I did for last year’s report. A few Flyweight prospects ended up signing with the UFC during the break between my 2013 and 2014 Report. Louis Smolka and Ray Borg likely would have earned a Top 10 spot had they not signed with the UFC.

The 2014 MMA Prospects Report rankings are as follows:

1. Henry Cejudo
2. Leandro Higo
3. Adriano Moraes
4. Alexandre Pantoja
5. Aaron Ely
6. Dileno Lopes
7. Giovanni “Soldado” Santos
8. Andrew Leone
9. Nam Jin Jo
10. Matt Manzanares


2013 MMA Prospects Report revisited

Last year’s 2013 Flyweight Prospects report rankings were as follows:

1. Darrell Montague*
2. Sergio Pettis*
3. Josh Sampo*
4. Sean Santella
5. Danny Martinez*
6. Mamoru Yamaguchi
7. Dileno Lopes
8. Ali Bagautinov*
9. Rafael de Freitas*
10. Jose Maria*

* Signed with the UFC.

As you can see, 7 of those 10 prospects signed with the UFC a few months after my report. I should note that Rafael de Freitas appeared on TUF 18 as a Bantamweight, but lost to Cody Bollinger in the prelim fights.

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